VII g)-




Professor Forensic Pathology 

Depuis 1983

Université de la Colombie-Britannique    
Head of Forensic Pathology  

Depuis 1983

Autopsy Service, Vancouver General Hospital   

1984-87  President, international association of Forensic Sciences 
1986  Vice-President Academy of Legal and Social
1985-87  Honorary President Canadian Society of Forensic Sciences  
1-11-77 to 30-06-83 Head dept. of Hamilton Hospital, Ontario
1-07-83 to 31-08-88 Chief Forensic Pathologist (Pathologiste), British-Columbia Coroners Service

Director of graduate Studies courses in at University of British-Columbia.   


Given expert evidence in courts at all levels in a variety of jurisdictions, including North Ireland, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, Colorado, Washington State, Hong Kong, British-Columbia.  

Member Federal Provincial Task Force on Investigation of Criminal injuries.  

Consultant forensic pathologist to the defence in the David Milgaard case.

Consultant Forensic Pathologist Department of national Defence (Somalia affair).  

  • Member American Academy of Forensic Sciences.

  • Fellow of Royal College of Pathologists (U.K.).

  • Former Member Board of Directors, Canadian Society of Forensic Sciences.

  • Editorial Board, Forensic Sciences international. - Major, Royal Army Medical Corps.

  • Life Member Indian Society of Forensic Sciences.

  • Editorial Consultant, International Legal Medecine..  
    A écrit 68 livres, seul et avec d'autres médecins dont :  
  • The Pathologist and the Scene of the crime.

  • "Forensic Science and The Justice System in the late 20th Century". Journal of Forensic Science Society (J.A.J. Ferris 1987)

  • Handgun relations, Crime, Assaults and Homicide 1988

  • Fire Regulations and Community Suicide Rates 1990  
  •  Guest Lectures (Since March 1985)  

  • Toronto Academy of Medecine,

  • Canada Indian Society of Forensic Sciences,

  • India Australian Forensic Sciences Society,

  • Australie University of Strathclyde,

  • Scotland Brown University,

  • Rhode Rhode Island Second Indo-Pacific Ass. of Forensic Sciences,

  • Sri Lanka Opening Address to the criminology section,

  • New Zealand Provincial Court Judges Seminar,

  • Vancouver British-Columbia Death Investigation Seminar,

  • Department of Justice,

  • Yukon 6th Fondation Symposium of Investigation...Helsinki 1989 Pacific Northwest Society of Pathologists,

  • Vancouver 1989 Ontario Society of Medical Technologists,

  • Ontario 1989 International Ass. of Forensic Sciences,

  • Australia 1990 World Police Medical Officers Conference,

  • New Zealand 1990 Canadian Society of Toxicologist,

  • Montréal 1990 Pacific Northwest Forensic Studies Seminar,

  • Vancouver 1992 Australian and Pacific Area Ass. of Police Medical Officers,

  • Hong Kong 1992 University of Hong Kong, Department of Pathology,

  • 1992 Medical Seminar, Yorkshire England 1993 R.C.M.P. Training Seminar Vancouver 1993 University of Tokyo,

  • Japan 1993 Canadian Identification Society,

  • Vancouver 1993 Keynote Address International Ass. of Forensic Sciences,

  • Germany 1993 Hong Kong University, Department of Pathology 1993 Medico-Legal Society of Hong Kong 1993.  



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