Murder disguised in suicide....
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If, just like us, as citizen, you want to access to all the truth, the transparency and efficiency that our judicial and politic system have to give us, so that only the interests of the law are been useful rather than to have to too often compose with corruption, here a means of doing something! By just a mouse click and without another engagement from you than giving your opinion, send an electronic mail to the regional medias so they require accounts from various persons in charge surrounding this cause as for the reliability of the means deployed by our system of justice to solve such businesses.

Easy! To do this, please, simply click on the envelope ! This will take only one second of your timw. We have waited for more than 30 years!

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or the David Milgaard cause which have pass more than 20 years in jail in spite of his innocence or others cases like these through the criminology and jurisprudence history in Quebec, juridical systems such as these Boards of inquiries, the Court of Quebec or the Montreal forensic Pathology Institute still haven`t permit to make a stop to the impunity of many criminals, murderers and others authors of crimes. This social disorder leads to the crumbling of our system of justice by their control of its network and the corruption of those which must apply it.

Let`s make the autopsy of a well structured and illustrated document, worthy of the great historical crimes, the "unsloved mysteries" along with a great number of screenplays which furrowed our televisions screens. Pleasant to read and easy to consult, lets familiarize yourself with some proceeds of autopsy and re-autopsy, the concept of pathology and terms like sternal-foramen, collerette d`érosion, lampblack, marginal erosion, entering wound and exit wound, contact wound, without forgetting the beveling, cover-up, anatomopathology, anthropology, clinical pathology, anatomical pathology and ballistics. Be acquainted with the opinions, intrigues and contradictory doings of the specialists intervened such as the pathologists Michael Baden, Louis S. Roh, James Ferris and the judicial anthropologist, Kathleen Reichs (Kathy Reichs).

From anywhere you are, it is not only urgent to know the force of this underground criminality which uses our politic and economic networks each day, but urgent also to require from our politicians to remedy it without let themself catched by corruption. You have to be informed.

The Dupont family
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Céline Lacerte-Lamontagne public board of inquiry- 1996

Too much often the court, and some of its speakers, are subject to be influenced by other voices than the law`s. Political and financial priorities often make precedence over human needs. Whether we talk about Dupont Affair and the Celine Lacerte-Lamontagne public board of inquiry, about the suspect death of sergeant-detective Louis-Georges Dupont, at Trois-Rivières,

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Does the integrity of the legal system, by which we believe our families under shelter from criminality, knows its own failures ? Do our governments act with integrity and transparency in all files? Is justice always fully returned in case of inquiries following murders or suicides? Or, is it illusory to believe that it is no more question of police corruption nowadays, derisory to bet on these authorities to fight the organised crime with elements with its service?


While the misdeeds of the minor delinquency are put on the spotlight, the political and economic roles as well as the influence of the criminal organizations such as the maffia and the underworld are hardly revealed to the public opinion. Unfortunately, it is too frequent at occasion of a coroner`s inquiry, in cases of homicides, of unexplained death in forensic pathology or at the occasion of police matters, that occur the disappearance of proofs, lacks of coherence in testimonys and expertises, conflicts of interest in the management of the investigations and precipitation of their conclusions, like others irregularities. Whether we refer to the "Commission d`Accès à l`information", the Interpol, along with the CIA, FBI, GRC, provincial police, federal police or others different organizations related to the management of justice, no one escapes...

Dupont affair










Had you ever see such a case


Of par with the presentation of this site, we carry out what l`on calls a "case of research". Indeed, since 1999, we try to find a case treated by justice like was that of Mr. Dupont. Inter alia, we all over the world seek one or more case for le(s)quel(s), on an osseous part d`un autopsié body given, would have appeared one or more characteristic supplémentaire(s) energy with l`encontre d`une series of x-rays already rigorously practised.

Up to now, no organization or individual called us. Accordingly with the Michaël Baden's last minute discovering of a new hole and cracks in the sternum of Mr. Dupont, in circumstances already mentioned and without any witness, could we tell that the case of Mr. Dupont would be only one on earth ?

- Text and pictures in section IX a)- Rapport du huissier 27 août 1996

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The Dupont family ensures that any communication of informations about this case will be made in the greatest confidentiality. However, if you do not wish to make known your address email, you can easily send one an anonymous way by using the service of Anony . Your address will not be reproduced on the message. However, not being able to leave our telephone numbers on the Web, we strongly invite you to leave us a means of recontacting you with the need. Thank you.