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Mylène Moisan, Journal Le Soleil; The investigation tha was never done... (English text).

A burr...

Accomplished by Quebec justice that can never, never be forgotten.   Because of its actions, of its choices.   Despite its mission and despite the truth.


Céline Lacerte-Lamontagne public inquiry - 1996

Who killed Theresa ?  
John Allore has worked in victim advocacy since 2002. His website, Who Killed Theresa? , is one of the first crime blogs on the internet, detailing the investigation into the unsolved murder of his sister, Theresa Allore

Le Nouvelliste
"Fallen in the line of duty."

John Allore,
The Dupont case

John Allore, in his podcast - The Dupont Case -, sets the context that prevailed before the disappearance of Detective Sergeant Louis-Georges Dupont


Le Soleil, Québec

Michaël Baden :
"I cannot say who pulled on the trigger..."

Mylène Moisan reporter Jornal Le Soleil


French version

Une balle de trop?

Journal Le Nouvelliste

A bullet to many !


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Interview : Ex police
officer Stéphane Berthomet shows his podcast series
              "Dupont l'Incorruptible "

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Stéphane Berthomet
back with his magnifying glass, with his new series of poscasts  " Dupont, the incorruptible !", about the mystery surronding the death of the investigating-officer from Trois-Rivières Louis-Georges Dupont in 1969

The second autopsy in 1996 on Youtube ! 

The re-autopsy August 27, 1996, showing no perforation in the sternum, confirming the thesis of murder.

Kathleen Reichs Michael Baden Michaël Baden, Kathleen Reichs exhumation policier Louis-Georges Dupont
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J.M. Beaudoin
Journal Le Nouvelliste -
Mardi 1er mars 2011


...It's crazy the number of things that have disappeared or have not been found since in the file of police officer Dupont. Already there were no fingerprints on the policeman's service weapon found on the floor of the car, which is quite strange. As for the bullet revolver, mysteriously found at the time by no one knows who, it was so distorted that the ballistics experts have never been formally linked to the police officer; not to mention that it weighed 10 times the weight of a .38 bullet.

The revolver and the ball have also disappeared in the air of time. Police officer Clément Massicotte, who had testified that he was the one who had recovered the bullet lost in the car seat, told Inquiry that it was not him who had found the bullet and that he had not inspected the car. The bench was cleaned and reinstalled two hours after the policeman's body was removed ... The report of the investigator's cursory investigation was nowhere to be found.

Louis-Georges Dupont retrouvé dans sa voiture de service.

D'autres analyses...

Other analyzes of the photos taken at the time of the discovery of the detective-sergeant's body, in his service car, in a wooded area in the north of the city, call into question the fact that bluish or blackened surfaces at the head and neck, seem incompatible with the position in which the body was found in the car.

But in going through her decision, given all that she reports regularity in the file, obscure points is intriguing, unexplainable elements and material evidence mysteriously disappeared, one still wonders how she could retain this thesis ... beyond a reasonable doubt.

Many elements tend to accredit it, but there are too many others pointing in the opposite direction so that we can conclude without reserve in this direction.

Even in the City of Trois-Rivières, despite a decision of the Access to Information Commission lost on appeal by the City, it has always been refused to give the family all the documents related to the case.

It must be remembered that the officer's death occurred in a heavy context in Trois-Rivières and was tense for public safety because of a public inquiry into the actions of certain police officers in Trois-Rivières.

This resulted in suspensions, demotions and dismissals of police officers. Detective Sergeant Dupont had collaborated in the pre-investigation of this commission and could have even testified about it.

The Dupont brothers also filed a few weeks ago their case to the public safety of Trois-Rivières to obtain the reopening of an investigation on their part. We should know soon if we take action on their request or if we let the file sleep.

It is clear that 40 years later, the new material evidence is non-existent and there are far fewer living witnesses who can bring a different light. But there are some left.

One can also think that if some knew things and had fears to speak about them, the reasons for these silences no longer exist.


        L'affaire DUPONT devant l'Assemblée nationale.


Texte du Nouvelliste 17 avril 2010The case of police officer Louis-Georges Dupont will be brought next week to the attention of the National Assembly of Quebec.

Flanked by the two sons of the police officer, Jacques and Robert Dupont, Champlain deputy Noëlla Champagne told her constituency office yesterday that she was submitting a summary of the file to public safety ministers Jacques Dupuis and the minister of Justice, Kathleen Well.

In this summary of nearly twenty pages, the Dupont brothers retrace the broad lines that marked this obscure affair since the discovery of their father's body, in November 1969, until the recent analysis of photos and excerpts of testimonials that allow to believe in the existence of a second bullet impact, this time on the back of the policeman.

Other analyzes of the photos taken at the time of the discovery of the body of the detective sergeant, in his service car, in a wooded north of the city, force a questioning on the fact that surfaces bluish or blackened to the head and the neck seem inconsistent with the position in which the body was found in the car.

The cadaveric rigidity admitted and the absence of insects on his body also tend to demonstrate that death was only a few hours and not a few days contrary to what was concluded

So there is, for the Dupont brothers, who have never believed in the thesis of suicide, enough new or unknown elements that justify the resumption of an investigation, even forty years later, so that finally is reestablished the truth and rehabilitated the memory of their father.

In the document that will be submitted to Ministers Dupuis is Well, they ask them to entrust the file to the examination of a Crown Attorney or investigators of the Quebec security in order to settle the situation.

Mrs. Champagne intends to give the same document to two of her colleagues, but also to the member of the House of Commons, Sylvie Roy and MP Amir Khadir from Québec solidaire. It does not exclude the possibility of interventions at the time of Question Period in the National Assembly.

Mrs. Champagne has no certainty about the outcome of her approach, but she is convinced that this dubious affair deserves the efforts of a last attempt. She did not hide yesterday that the reading of the documents that the Dupont brothers had given her had deeply troubled her and raised in her a serious doubt about all the conclusions of suicide that had arrived at the botched investigation of the municipal security of Trois-Rivières at the time, the analyzes just as summary and uncritical of the Quebec forensic institute, the expeditious Coroner's investigation that followed, as well as the great Commission of Inquiry into the circumstances of the death of the police officer, held in 1995.

Yves Saint-Julien, a judge of the Superior Court, who in a 68-page judgment, after hearing numerous expert testimony, had concluded that he could not at all believe in the thesis of suicide and who had ordered the Ministry of Justice to hold a commission of inquiry. Admittedly, after lengthy hearings and even the exhumation of the police officer's body for a new forensic analysis, Commissioner Céline Lacerte-Montagne also concluded suicide.

This is a Superior Court judge, Yves Saint-Julien, who in a 68-page judgment, after hearing numerous testimonies of experts, had concluded that he could not at all believe in the suicidal thesis and that had ordered the Ministry of Justice to hold an inquiry commission.  

Our justice system...

The one by which we believe our families to be safe from crime, does he know his own iniquities? Do our governments act transparently in every court case? Is justice always fully given in investigations and autopsies for presumptive murders or suicides? Or, is it illusory to believe that there is no question of police corruption these days, derisory to rely on these authorities to fight organized crime with elements in his service?

While the misdeeds of petty crime are highlighted, the political and economic roles as well as the influence of criminal organizations are hardly revealed to the public. It is unfortunately all too common in forensic medicine and coroner's inquest, both in the case of homicide, unexplained death in forensic pathology, or in police and conspiracy cases that disappearances of evidence are missing. coherence in the testimonies and expertises, conflicts of interest in the management of the investigations and precipitation of their conclusions, as well as other irregularities adding to the mysteries ..  Our justice system ...



Too often the court, and some of its interveners, suffer the influences of other powers than those of the law. Priorities and financial policies often take precedence over humans. What about the Dupont case and the commission Public Inquiry Céline Lacerte-Lamontagne, on death suspect of Detective Sergeant Louis-Georges Dupont, to Trois-Rivières, to the cause David Milgaard who spent more than 20 years behind bars despite his innocence or other evil causes conducted through & nbsp; the history of criminology and the Quebec jurisprudence, legal systems such as these commissions, the Court of Quebec or the Institute of Forensic Medicine of Montreal has so far not allowed to put an end to impunity many criminals, murderers and other perpetrators.


Controlled ineffectiveness..

This social disorder leads to the crumbling of our justice system by its controlled inefficiency and the corruption of those who have to apply it. Make an autopsy of a well-structured and illustrated document, worthy of the great historical crimes, the famous "unsolved mysteries" as well as many scenarios that have crossed our screens.  

A complete document.

Through an easy-to-read document, familiarize yourself with pathology, autopsy, post-mortem, ballistics and related terms. Be aware of the opinions, actions and contradictory behavior of specialists such as pathologists Michael Baden (Michael Baden), Louis S. Roh and James Ferris as well as forensic anthropologist Kathleen Reichs (Kathy Reichs), testimonials and photos at support. It is urgent, not only become aware of the strength of this underground crime that uses our political and economic networks every day but also to demand that our elected officials remedy them without being corrupted.

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