Detective's murder "disguised" in suicide :
with the Gouvernement's consent !


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The purpose of this site is to inform the population about serious disfunctions in the justicial system. A lot of concrete exemples will be showed to you, took from the "Affaire Dupont", discussing about the death in nebulous circumstances of the sergent-détective Louis-Georges Dupont, in 1969, at an epoch of police corruption at Trois-Rivières.

After getting through with, among others, an almost non-existant criminal inquiry in 1969, an unrespected Superior Court`s judgement on its whole in 1995 and an incoherent board of inquiry in 1996, our family realized that the language spoke by the government in front of the press is such different in offstage. By itself, this commission let enough questions behind to make as a complete site as the one that is now showed to you.

Questions that organisations, departments and responsables at differents levels evidently and cleverly shirk. Among other things appear well detailed photos of autopsy, re-autopsy and police inquiry, along with vocabulary of terms and names that facilitate the understanding.

Among other things, it is disturbing to know that ;

A part of the report from Quebec Police Board that took place in august and september 1969 and was about the Trois-Rivières`s police corps has been sealed for 160 years until 2129. 

Quebec Police Board ordered the destruction of all the testimonies of this inquiry in 1977 ;

No blood has been found on the car`s seat where M. Dupont has been discovered and where he would commit suicide by shooting himself

His lenses were not found in his car, on november 10, 1969. M. Dupont was absolutly not able to drive without it, because of his short-sightedness ;

No fingerprint were found on his weapon ;

No mark of pouder has been found on his hands ;

A fragment of bone on the back of the sternum, when took back in its place, plug almost entirely the hole `discovered` at the last minute by Dr. Baden while the second autopsy and this without that the radioigraphy (x ray) took before had detected or saw it.;

The hole that was found was shorter than the diameter of a .38 caliber bullet, such as the one that has been "found" in the car ;

M. Dupont wasn`t at the right emplacement in the cimetery as specified in the registers ;

Just before lighting tests in the shed where the car was transfered (to verify if it was possible to retrieve a projectile in a car without flashlight, in this bad lighted shed), the shed has been destructed by a suspicious fire;

Madam Céline Lacerte-Lamontagne is even been able to conclude that ; "The proof in its whole and the components of the case make more plausible the suicide thesis"...???

And much more...

We know that to be heard, our voices have to get through this well organised underworld that always act to protect their networks and their leaders, getting through the disinformation of the public, through the corruption of several influent persons, through the silence of many scared witnesses, through the unequality of the ressources between the family and their opponents, etc...That`s why we give here all the possibilities to bring out the truth.

The question is now more than just a special case but about the hidden side of the system who "solved" it, and still "solve" a lot of affairs in this way, and this with publics moneys . A system that have been able and is still able to produce such a number of incoherent things without the obligation to give an accounts may be just organised in this way. Other important boards of inquiry took place since and other are comming soon. It`s important to realise what is going on and to require from our politicians to remedy it

We wish you will take pleasure in navigating through this site and are open to your questions and comments.


The Dupont family,
Trois-Rivières, Québec



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